Hand Pump Garden Sprayer

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If a Heavy Duty Hand Sprayer is a MUST for YOUR Yard

Splash. That is the sound of water washing over your plants. You are drowning them, washing away your flowers and herbs. It is not your fault. You do not have the right tools for the job. You NEED a fine misting, precise water sprayer, something that soothes rather than soaks plants. So here is a new all purpose sprayer for you. Water plants, spray fertilizers and pesticides, clean up and even degrease auto parts if needed.

Because Durability is Important

Some tools do not last. Ours do. YOUR new plant mister is made with high quality, long lasting hard plastics, strong brass sprayers and a leak proof O ring to see the season change.



How Better Misting Leads to Greener Gardens

Multi Purpose Misting - Gardening, Automotives, Pest Control - You Need a Precise Hand Sprayer. Easy Adjust, Durable Brass Nozzle Makes This Perfect For: Spraying Neem Oil, Misting Veggies, Cleaning Car and Pest Control

Built to Last - Adjustable Brass Nozzles and Reinforced, Damage Resistant Plastic Body Mean Sprayer Lasts Season After Season. Plus Chemical Resistant Seals Prevent Leaks and Problems Common with Low Quality Pressure Sprayers

Comfortable and Lightweight - At Just 11.3 Oz in Weight, Water Plants or Clean Car Easily. Arthritis-Friendly Easy Grip Handle, Efficient Pump and Trigger Lock Make Continuous Spraying Less Straining

Spray Plants and More - Plants Need Fertilizer, Pesticides, Insecticides and Even Neem Oil, And of Course Water. It is Fine Misting, Easy to Use, Durable

Includes 7 Ebooks -7 expertly written guides to maximize the beauty of your home, lawn, garden and more




Why Planted Perfect?​

100% Dedication to Product Quality

Lightweight, Long Lasting - lighter and easier than traditional backpack sprayers, this 1.5-liter pressure washer is perfect for portability and pretty darn tough with 2mm thick plastic

Comfortably Designed - easy grip handles and triggers for homeowners big and small​



Product Specs

- Handheld portable sprayer

- Weighs just 11.3oz

- Designed for fine misting

- Ergonomic, easy pump mechanism



Empowering gardeners to be their best while creating the most luscious, lovely gardens possible - with less work, pain and frustration.

As gardeners ourselves, we understand the art that is garden making. We were tired of low quality, poorly made, uncomfortable garden gear.
 If rugged reliability and performance matters in your yard, this is where you belong.